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Playson Invites Players to Race against the Clock in New Format


The fast-developing supplier has launched a new standalone tool that will offer time-limited competitions for even more concentrated fun and player engagement.

The Short Races promotional tool is designed to help operators engage with their customers and offer modern players a brand-new format to experiment with. The contests introduced by Short Races are fast-paced and offer quick-fire gameplay that turns Playson titles into strong engagement gateways for operator audiences.

Playson Enhances Engagement Opportunities for Its Titles

There are motivating prize pools, bigger chances to win and climb a leaderboard, and so many other different fresh experiences, that Playson insists are much different from regular slot tournaments. This claim will surely be put to a test before long.

The Short Races tool is very easy to inject into the content and doesn’t require additional integration. It is simple to configure and it delivers on Playson’s commitment to creating and delivering products that are designed to help improve overall engagement with customers.

The format is designed in such a way as to allow operators to address the individual needs of their audiences and further deliver powerful and worthwhile titles. Playson Product Owner for Promotional Tools Ganna Guseva welcomed the arrival of the new tool and what it can do for both partner operators and the Playson brand as a whole.

We’ve devised the Short Races tool to help operators keep a new generation of players with shorter attention spans engaged and boost dwell time when gamer activity is low.Playson Product Owner for Promotional Tools Ganna Guseva”

Playson promotions manager Mihai Dumitrescu said that Playson was constantly on the lookout for engaging with players and helping operators. “We are always looking for new ways to innovate new and exciting products at Playson, which is why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our Short Races feature,” Dumitrescu said.

The Short Races format will certainly help boost engagement and offer players new experiences, the promotions manager wrapped up.

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