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I’m a former Premier League referee and if linesman Hatzidakis did elbow Robertson he should get a MASSIVE ban


LIVERPOOL star Andy Robertson’s clash with assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis will be a hot topic for football fans up and down the country on Easter Monday.

To me, it looks like Robertson goes to grab Hatzidakis, who brushes him off with his arm and catches him accidentally.

I cannot think why an assistant would throw his arms into a player’s face.

Sure, from one camera angle it does not look good.

But you have to ask why has Robertson gone to approach the assistant referee?

I have heard people say this is the end of the linesman’s career, but, just like Aleksandar Mitrovic, it is his full-time job.

However, if he is proven guilty and did intentionally use his elbow then he will face the same consequences as the Fulham frontman.

Match officials are the guardians of standards and must be accountable if found guilty for that type of behaviour towards a player.

Mark Halsey has given his take on the incredible incidentCredit: PA


THERE has been plenty of reaction to the Robertson incident at Anfield.

The PGMOL released a statement which said it was “aware of an incident involving assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis and Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson at half-time during the Liverpool v Arsenal fixture at Anfield”.

The statement added the body will “review the matter in full” after a fiery encounter at Anfield.

Former Premier League striker Chris Sutton was watching the game for BBC Radio 5 Live and thinks Hatzidakis should be punished for the “unprecedented” reaction.

Sutton said: “I really don’t know what he was thinking. As far as I can see, he has to be banned.

“He will have to sit out a number of games. I can’t remember another incident like this. Where is the precedent for these things?”

Sutton added: “A big debating point was Mitrovic and the eight-game ban and the FA want him banned for more but you can’t have assistants throwing elbows. What should the punishment be?”

And former England international Darren Bent quickly took to Twitter and called for an eight-game ban, just like Fulham star Aleksandar Mitrovic was penalised.

He tweeted: “8 game ban for the linesman.”

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